The Gentle Residents of Casey County { 50 images } Created 24 Nov 2009

An old-order Mennonite community was established in 1976 by several families who relocated from Pennsylvania to the small town of Liberty in Casey County, Kentucky. The community allowed me to spend several days there in June of 1980 photographing them with the only stipulation that I couldn't "pose" any photos. They worked their fields and gardens, did other chores. The whole community went to church on Sunday using an old farmhouse as their place of worship.

Update, August 2012. Jacob and Mabel Oberholtzer passed on, Jacob in 2010, Mabel in 2003. Their children, Ruth Alan, Earl and Verna still live in the area- all are married. Susan married and lives in Indiana. Sarah is married and lives in Missouri. David lives in Tennessee and is married. The Newswangers all left the area except for Anna who married Edward Martin. The Hoovers still live in the area. The Shirks, Phares, Amos and Lena still live in the area. The Kilmers, Amos, James and Samuel live in the area. Sandy Tucker passed away but Jerry still operates the Galilean Home. The Brubaker and Zimmerman families left the area years ago. Most of the local families except for the Hoovers are in the process of relocating to the Spencer Tennnessee area.
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